16 Bad Tattoos You Should Avoid This Year & Always

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2. Politics-related tattoos

The country is still reeling from wildly unexpected election results, and a whole lot of Americans are now stuck with tattoos they might think twice about from this perspective. Whether you wanted to show let your feminist flag fly by getting one of those Hillary Clinton forward-pointing-arrow letter-H logos, demonstrate your radical social reform politics with a Bernie caricature or get inked with whatever symbol best represents Jill Stein — if your candidate lost, you’re likely regretting branding yourself with a symbol of a fast-fading politician. It's kind of like a bumper sticker but worse.
If you want to show your support for President Trump, you may be thinking twice about that permanent MAGA tat as approval ratings drop lower than a snake’s belly. Either way, you will not want to remember this election cycle for the rest of your life… unless it’s to regale your grandchildren with stories of the bad old days.