16 Bad Tattoos You Should Avoid This Year & Always

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Whatever you’ve chosen for your tattoo probably means a lot to you. Maybe you’ve got a rule that you have to think about a tattoo for three months or a year before getting it, maybe you’ve decided you can only get it if your best friend likes it, or if your mom would approve (and not cut you off entirely). Everyone has their own process of deciding to get a tattoo. And yet… so many tattoos are still so dang bad! There are exceptions to every rule, and your body is entirely your choice, but, for the most part, here are some tattoos we think you’re most likely to regret… one day, if not five seconds after you hear the subtle buzz of the tattoo gun.

1. Couple tattoos (in general)

Your love is real! Your love is true! Your love will last forever…but so will your tattoo! We have all wanted to brand ourselves with proof that we are happily spoken for, or else honor our special bae using our body language. But this makes the top of the list for the most obvious reason of all: if you break up, you’re stuck with a constant reminder of what once was. Those his and hers tattoos you see on Pinterest are totally cute while you’re together, but consider whether that tattoo will mean as much to you and make you as happy (let alone make sense) if the other half is no longer in the picture.
It's sad but true. Just ask any of these celebrities.