It’s Been Months, But Bad Lip Reading Is Finally Back With More Hilarious Goodness

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Bad Lip Reading More NFL video screenshot January 2014They say if you love something let it go…which is why even though Bad Lip Reading has been suspiciously absent for these past few months, I've never marched down to their headquarters and banged on the door, demanding an explanation. (Probably also because I don't know where said headquarters would be located, but mainly because of loving something, letting it go, etc.) And all my ignorance patience has paid off, because whoever the people behind BLR are, they've just released a brand new video as a lead-up to the Super Bowl.

In case you're not familiar with their concept, they take a pre-existing clip like a movie trailer, a political speech, or a music video, and they dub over it with words that are (presumably) nowhere near what the subjects are actually saying, but that fit in with the shapes their mouths are making. And of course, since they're nonsense taken completely out of context, they're hilarious.

The previous NFL video that BLR made around this time last year is my favorite ever (her floor was wall-to-wall beanbags), which is great because this one, titled ‘More NFL', is a sequel to that one. AND YOU MUST WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY.

I feel like they might be just the smidgiest bit rusty, from being out of the game for so long, but this is still a beautiful, glorious masterpiece. I particularly enjoy the interview with that tall orange man and all the talking heads of players introducing themselves at the bottom of the screen. They have some really interesting thing to say about…absolutely anything and everything.

Reggie? Reggie? Reggie Reggie Redfoot. Obsessed.