This Bad Lip Reading Of Hunger Games: Catching Fire Sounds Exactly Like Woody Harrelson

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This Bad Lip Reading Of Hunger Games  Catching Fire Sounds Exactly Like Woody Harrelson katniss force field catching fire gif

YASSS. After offering up insights on what The Walking Dead is really about and what’s actually going on between Bella and Edward, Bad Lip Reading is back, and this time it’s tackled Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

As it turns out, there’s a lot we don’t know about what was going through Katniss, Peeta, and Gale’s minds in that movie. Like, seriously, every scene was just oozing subtext. Here are a few crucial questions we have after watching:

1. Why haven’t we seen Katniss’ pet iguana Frank yet? Will we ever meet him? Did Prim’s cat eat him?
2. Will Gale ever give Katniss her yellow fannypack back? (It’s probably better if he doesn’t — yellow doesn’t really match any of her outfits.)
3. How can Peeta not like Katniss’ amazing sweater/vest thingy? Is he bitter because she won’t let him borrow it?
4. Did Woody Harrelson do his own lip reading? Seriously, it sounds exactly like him, and we can totally see him being on board to help out BLR.
5. When can we expect Hunger Games: The Musical? Someone better be working on it, because between Effie’s ragtime solo and the duets between Gale and Katniss, it needs to happen ASAP.
6. Is it “sick party” as in a party at which everyone’s sick, or as in “sweet party bro”? We can see why Katniss wouldn’t want to make out at the former, but the latter is fair game.
7. Do we have enough leftover turkey to make a sandwich?
8. Who’s the Dance King? Will we find out in Mockingjay?
9. Who wants nachos?
10. Why are all the little blonde girls so creepy and evil and soul-hungry?
11. How long before the cardboard diet becomes a thing?
12. Who wants to join our new band, Jimmy Toucan and the Flipout? We need a tambourinist.
13. Are we going to have to wait a whole year for the Bad Lip Reading of Mockingjay?

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