17 Instagram Trends That SERIOUSLY Need to Stop

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Instagram trends come and go, but some of them should just straight-up GO already. While your Insta is obviously your own personal place to post pictures, share memories and do a healthy amount of humble-bragging, there are certain trends we just can’t get behind. Now, not all of these are huge no-nos, some of them are just trends that have been seriously overdone and need to be retired.

Whether it’s an overused caption or a series of nearly-identical photos popping up on your feed, there’s a 99% chance you’ve witnessed these trends in action and are sick and tired of seeing them. Hey, we can’t stop you from doing what you want on your Insta, but we’ve compiled 17 trends that we think need to go.

1. Captioning a pic “she/he’s alright I guess”


CLEARLY, you think your boyfriend/mom/best friend is more than alright. We get it, you’re just joking around. It’s funny because you’re saying you guess they’re “alright” but in reality you really like them… a lot! It’s just a joke! This was great for the first week or two when people started doing it, but at some point, it became it became the go-to Instagram trend for *literally* everyone in the world overnight. I may sound bitter, but I’m sure we’ve all seen at least 80 pictures with this caption. Get a little creative!