16 Smart Ways to Fake a Good Hair Day

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Sometimes we have to fake stuff – tans, orgasms, that smile when singing “Happy Birthday” over a stale sheet cake to that co-worker you can't stand. Sometimes you got to fake it until you make it, or in terms of having a good hair day – fake it until your next salon appointment.

Having a good hair day is like a tiny miracle, and those miracles, unfortunately, do not come very often. Whether you skipped a few wash days, need to get those pesky roots touched up, or hit snooze on the alarm seven times and need to be to work in fifteen minutes, here are some helpful tips to faking your best hair day when, in all reality, your hair is in laughable conditions.

1. Use Dry Shampoo

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Remember when you first tried dry shampoo and you were like, “This is the greatest invention since the gel manicure!” Well, it's because, like the gel, it's a lifesaver. Where would we be if we didn't have dry shampoo? Probably in the shower washing our gross, oily hair, but now we get to spread out those wash days for a 3-day follicle weekend. We're spraying our greasy, limp tresses with dry shampoo like it's cheap sunscreen, faking a good hair day by essentially absorbing the dirt and grease. It's all very scientific.'s best-selling dry shampoo is Living Proof — you know — the kind Jennifer Aniston uses. For an affordable alternative, try Batiste dry shampoo from