A Celebrity Doctor Explains Why So Many Celebs Get Bad Plastic Surgery

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[After watching Lindsay Lohan host Saturday Night Live recently, we're filled with questions. The biggest one of course being what did she do to her face? Or more presicely, what did she pay a doctor to do to her face? We reached out to celebrity surgeon Dr. Mitchell Chasin, medical director of Reflection Center for Skin and Body, to find out why celebrities, who have ALL THE MONEY in the world, pay their surgeons to play Frankenstein with their face. While he stayed (too) professional throughout this essay, he sheds some light on how this happens.]

From Heidi Montag’s dramatic 10+ procedures to Billy Crystal’s scary look at this year’s Oscars, Hollywood’s never in short supply of celebrities with overdone, obvious plastic surgery. But why do so many celebrities, with all their wealth and connections, consistently end up with such awful cosmetic work?

I think the #1 reason celebs fall victim to bad plastic surgery is the amplified pressure they feel to look young. For most people, aging is just a part of life! When wrinkles hit, we may reach for more products or opt for a quick Botox session. Celebrities, however, build their entire careers on their appearances. Seeing their faces on the silver screen and in tabloid photos every day can really warp their self-image, and create a strong desire to fix every single flaw, no matter how small!

Just look at Lindsay Lohan – She’s only 25 and is already rumored to be overusing fillers. Problems with cosmetic procedures typically arise when celebs become too obsessed with preserving their youth and want to change more than what’s necessary, pushing themselves past natural results and into the danger zone – Often with disastrous consequences.

Some wealthy celebrities may also have a common misperception that the more expensive and invasive procedures are, the better the results. But that’s hardly the case! So many classic celebrity mishaps could have been prevented with simple, non-surgical alternatives. Take Sculptra, for example. It’s a new filler that’s been dubbed a “facelift in a bottle,” and it could have saved celebrities like Meg Ryan and Kenny Chesney who opted for full facelifts, but regretted the extreme results. Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker could also benefit from a little injection to restore the volume in their hollowed out cheeks and sagging jowls – But a full facelift would be way too extreme!

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