This Photo Is Proof That Sloths Know What Photobombing Is

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This Photo Is Proof That Sloths Know What Photobombing Is hi sloth photobomb 852 640x359 jpg

It’s surprising that this photo, of a baby sloth photobombing a bunch of volunteers in Costa Rica, was shot on March 30th and took almost a week to make it to the big websites. But I guess when you’re an adorable baby sloth there’s no real rush, and we’re just glad we got to see this sweet candid.

As photographer Manuel Ramirez tells it, he was about to snap the photo when he noticed something creeping into the frame. “When I realized it was a baby sloth,” he said, “I clicked the button as fast as I could—not that he was going anywhere fast.” The man is 44, and he still understood the importance of capturing a baby sloth. Good for him.

Doesn’t it look like the sloth somehow knows what it’s doing? It’s got that coy little smile and seems to be staring right into the camera. Not to mention that it tugged the leaf over these volunteers’ heads so it could take front-and-center. I think this sloth will have a good long career being the adorable center of attention in photographs.

It’s a good thing Kristen Bell doesn’t work at CBC News, or else this article would never have made it to the presses.