This Could Be The Best ‘Baby Got Back’ Video Ever Created

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As if Miley Cyrus chopping off her bun didn't already blow me away today, this supercut of various movie characters throughout the history of cinema collectively singing “Baby Got Back” did the trick. I'm flabbergasted by how awesome this turned out as well as how long it must have taken to make. Don't believe me. I just used the word “flabbergasted.” I never use that word.

Seriously, there are more cameos in this one video than you'll see in Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve combined. It's that star-studded.

We're talking Ben Affleck, Chuckie the Doll, Jason Biggs, the Muppets, TWO versions of John Travolta, Vince Vaughn and Woody from Toy Story. Tell me the last time you got this excited to hear Sir Mix-a-Lot discuss his preference for large rear ends as well as his affinity to be honest about it.

It's everything that makes the Internet amazing and everything we dream about when we're staying up until 2 A.M looking for something awesome.

Yes, this will be all over your friends newsfeed tonight, so you might as well watch it now. Otherwise, how else can you intelligently discuss your favorite part of the compilation when your friends ask.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)