This Video Of A Baby Dancing To The Parks And Rec Theme Song Is Even Cuter Than Li’l Sebastian

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Amy Poehler dancing GIFEveryone loves the Parks and Recreation theme song, right? It's happy and peppy and energetic and sweet, just like the show itself. But even if you love that song so much you want to petition Congress to allow you to marry it, you'll never come close to loving it as much as this adorable baby does. A dad named Larry Gallagher posted a video compilation of his son dancing to the theme song when it's on television. According to the video description, “he stops what he's doing” whenever he hears it.

I know this video sounds really cute, and you're probably thinking it could never possibly live up to your expectations, as often happens with Internet videos, like the time that video of a cat and a pig being friends didn't make me “collapse from the cuteness” but rather just made me smile a little more than usual. But I guarantee you will not be disappointed when you press play. It's cuter than Li'l Sebastian eating a plate of waffles. This baby really does stop everything to focus entirely on the music. Even if he's stuck in a high chair or in the middle of playing with a toy, he'll dance. As you'll see at 2:30, he'll even wander in from another room just to be closer to his favorite song.

I have a few things to say about this. First of all, any household that has Parks and Rec on this much is fine by me. Second of all, I have come to the conclusion that nothing will ever be cuter than baby dancing. And I'm not talking about the creepy computer-animated baby dancing from Ally McBeal. I'm talking about actual babies actually dancing. There's so much arm-flapping and joyful bouncing. Third of all, it's funny to me that he doesn't seem to care about the show itself, just the theme song. I'm sure when he's old enough to understand the genius of Amy Poehler he'll enjoy the whole thing, but until then dance on, little guy!

(GIF: Tumblr)