Ayesha Curry: Another Fresh Face to Join the Diverse, Beautiful CoverGirl Family

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Ayesha Curry has landed the latest campaign for CoverGirl, about a week after another new face for the brand, Issa Rae, was announced, making CoverGirl a diverse, inclusive force the be reckoned with in the makeup world.

With a passion for cooking, Curry has her own show on The Food Network, Ayesha's Home Kitchen, where she creates family-friendly dishes that are light and easy. She has also written two cookbooks that have a similar focus, The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well and Tastes: Breakfasts with The Currys: A Recipe Sampler from The Seasoned Life. She married championship-winning, basketball superstar Stephen Curry back in 2011, and the couple have since had two too-cute children, Riley and Ryan.

Curry is going full-throttle into a campaign with a brand new product, the Peacock Flare Mascara, which is set to hit store shelves in November. Her bright, pearly-white smile and fresh, flawless face make her a great CoverGirl — on top of all her other accomplishments and career, of course. Considering she isn't a movie star, Curry might be a more relatable campaign star for girls around the world, and she is looking to inspire self-confidence with her new collaboration with CoverGirl.

“My philosophy is all about seeking joy and creating balance in life. I've shared a lot about how I do this with food, family, and faith, and now, through my partnership with CoverGirl, I want to share how makeup helps create those moments of happiness, confidence, and self-expression,” Curry said.


Issa Rae, actress and executive producer of the new hit Insecure and creator of the viral web series Awkward Black Girl, announced her partnership with the cosmetics brand last week. Basically everyone was thrilled about the collaboration. CoverGirl boasts other beautiful faces like Queen Latifah, Sofia Vergara, Zendaya, James Charles and Ellen DeGeneres, making it one of the most inclusive drugstore brands for both people of color and people in the LGBTQ+ community.

While some brands fail to have a foundation shade darker than ‘medium-tan,' CoverGirl has a wide shade range and an extensive collection, including the Queen Collection, which has everything from foundation to powder to lipstick colors specialized for darker skin tones. Talk the talk, walk the walk, right?


CoverGirl has been making waves in the pool of diversity and equality for a while now, making that a main focus with the new famous faces they've brought on as CoverGirl ambassadors. Last year, a campaign for their So Lashy! BlastPRO mascara spread a message that was about a lot more than lashes — with brand ambassadors like James Charles, Sofia Vergara, and Amy Pham sporting a ‘Lash Equality' shirt that also featured an equal sign. Nura Afia, a popular beauty vlogger, was featured in the campaign making it another milestone as she became the fabulous first brand ambassador to wear a hijab.

“Just like we believe in beauty equality, we stand for lash equality, too. Supporting our So Lashy launch is our most diverse group of ambassadors to date,” CoverGirl said about the campaign.

That campaign, along with future ones to come, and their brand as a whole, continue to openly support equal representation when it comes to race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. We're eager to see how Ayesha and Issa are directed in their future campaigns with CoverGirl, and the new heights the brand goes to — changing the beauty industry one CoverGirl at a time.