Awkward Prank For The Win: This Guy Tries To Hold Strangers’ Hands

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Sometimes an effective prank doesn't need to be planned down to every single detail. Pranksters LAHWF had a simple plan: Have a guy walk alongside strangers and swing his arm until he “accidentally” grabbed their hands. If you live somewhere like New York City where you're powerwalking from place-to-place, this is bound to happen. And yet it's just insidious enough, the way it taps into our innate fear of, God forbid, having physical contact with people we don't know.

For the most part, the prank's “victims” react with confusion or nervous laughter; it's especially funny when the prankster himself starts giggling awkwardly, as in “whoops, what a silly mistake!” Oh, and the girl at 0:37 who's totally into it is my favorite.

Strangely, LAHWF's name comes from the Fight Club quote “Losing all hope was freedom.” Perhaps taking a page from Tyler Durden and co., these guys seem committed to creating slightly uncomfortable situations by invading personal space: Past videos include sitting down next to strangers and holding the door open for people while making them feel like they have to hurry up to go through. LAHWF takes ideas from commenters (as with the door video), so reach out with your awkward situation and maybe they'll put it into practice.

[via The Daily What]