This Week’s Ask A Naked Guy Covers False Advertising With Padded Bras

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Turn on some soft music and dim the lights because Ask A Naked Guy is finally back with a new episode!  This week Mari and Kate sat down with a very naked Ibn to find out the truth on girls wearing padded bras and skimpy lingerie.

So if you've been wondering if you really should slip into something more comfortable when you're with your hunny, then this episode is great for you! Don't have a hunny?  Well maybe you're like me, single with not a lot going on up top—and have been wondering if you should invest in some false advertising with a padded bra.  Either way, small bust, big bust, single, or not single, there's no way denying that this episode gives you a much needed glimpse inside the mind of the male species.

Ibn shares some of his own favorite moments, like when his sweetie disrobed in front of him—and he somehow manages to not make his storytelling creepy. He also lets you know that a woman can never go too far when it comes to costumes in the bedroom. (Hoping this makes my fake beard game totally appropriate.)  And Mari and Kate also grill our naked guy on his opinion of push-up bras. Though he's not completely against them, Ibn says don't ever go too extreme. Because you might not only be deflating your boobs when you take your bra off —but you might also deflate something of your sweeties.

So put away your deceiving chicken cutlets and get ready to get your Dita Von Teese on!