Video: Arya Stark From Game Of Thrones Does The Cinnamon Challenge

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Sadly, I still haven't gotten into HBO's Game of Thrones, but in every recap all I hear about is how awesome Arya Stark is. Even just a cursory glance over the show's wiki — I'm trying to stay unspoiled on at least some of it! — reveals that yep, Arya is a badass. So is the actress who plays her, Maisie Williams: Even though she's righthanded, she plays Arya as a leftie like in the books, and she holds her own in scenes against seasoned actors like Sean Bean.

And now I found this video of Maisie doing “the cinnamon challenge,” where you attempt to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon (Maisie goes for a whole mini-container) without any water. Now, I'm not condoning this game, since Mommyish outlined the ways in which it can actually cause you to asphyxiate. So let me say to our younger readers: DON'T DO THIS JUST ‘CAUSE ARYA DID. You wouldn't go train a direwolf or fight with swords just 'cause she does, right?

Instead, live vicariously through poor Maisie; from the first moment, you can see the “this was a bad idea” look on her face, and it's adorable. She may be the reason that I get into the show, not the sex scenes and Joffrey getting slapped. OK, yes, I would tune in to see Joffrey fall to Peter Dinklage‘s imp hand.