In Lieu Of More Arrested Development, Please To Enjoy This Awesome Alia Shawkat Video

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Alia Shawkat Arrested DevelopmentAre you going into withdrawal waiting for the new episodes of Arrested Development to be released? (Me too.) And are you also having trouble respecting Alia Shawkat solely for her hilarious personality, adorably good looks, and absurd talent? (Me not so much, but do your thing.) Well if you answered yes to any, all, or none of the above questions, then you should watch this Alia Shawkat video! It also stars Tegan Quin from Tegan and Sara, who runs into Alia smoking (booo) outside a store and asks her to do lines as Maeby Funke, her character from Arrested Development.

But instead of doing that, Alia does imitations of other characters, like Ace Ventura, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and Bella Swan from Twilight…and then some other ones that I probably should recognize, but don't. Oh man I gotta see some more movies. Sob. But when Tegan finally pins Alia down to do actual lines from AD, the video takes a turn. Alia says her character's famous line, “Marry me!” and just stands there, expectant. But Tegan isn't impressed, responding, “That's awkward…I can't. I can't marry you. It's not legal.” Then the video flashes up the following message on the screen: “Same sex marriage is currently illegal in all but 9 of the United States. This is just one example of LGBTQ inequality.” And then it asks you to join the Ally Coalition.

Damn, ladies. Props. Props to you. I would've enjoyed that video even without the equal rights stuff, but the fact that I was pleasantly surprised by it makes it that much better. It serves the dual purpose of making me respect Alia Shawkat more (minus a few extra points for the fact that she's smoking), and also helping me get a slight Arrested Development fix before May 4th. Kudos. Marry me.