Are All Native American-Inspired Accessories ‘Offensive’?

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Back in April, Jezebel posted an article titled “Feathers And Fashion: Native American Is In Style” which pondered the iffy style trends appropriated from a hodgepodge of different tribal cultures. The conclusion?

“All of these cases romanticize Indianness, blur separate traditions (as well as the real and the fake), and some disregard Indian spirituality. So, no, it's not cute to wear a feather in your hair or carry an Indian rug clutch, it's thoughtless and insensitive.”

But as Thanksgiving grows nearer, we decided to reopen the issue: Yes, wearing a giant headdress around town can be construed as a gross appropriation of sacred culture – especially during a holiday that many people eschew for it's glorification of what went on between white settlers and the original American people. But there's being sensitive, and then there's being overly-P.C. You can celebrate a culture's fashion without being offensive, and we've found some great items that pay tribute, not mock, Native American style. And if you have a problem with our Spirit Hoods, feel free to throw out those moccasins you wore all summer along with the dreamcatcher you made in summer camp.