18 U.S. Cities You Need To Visit For The Most Instagrammable Architecture

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When it comes to planning a trip in 2017, it's not just about the most affordable spot or the location with the best shopping. It's also about the place with the most Instagram appeal. After all, you're going to be documenting your trip online, so you might as well maximize things by choosing a really Instagrammable place.

Thankfully, there's no need to travel too far away from home because the United States is filled with Insta-worthy architecture. Chances are there are some stunning buildings in your own neighborhood. Since traveling around those streets isn't classified as a proper holiday, we encourage you to travel a bit further afield. Whether you go east, west, south or north, you'll find some great places for prime Insta-opportunities. Here are 18 U.S. cities you should visit thanks to their highly Instagrammable architecture.

1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Good old Philly has some highly Instagrammable spots. No matter what the tone of your Instagram, you're going to find some architecture to fit it. Pro tip: Do not miss the Philadelphia Museum of Art or the Philadelphia City Hall. They are both very different buildings, but they are stunning in their own rights. Also, make sure you check out the “Philadelphia rows,” aka the English-style row houses.