Anne Hathaway Says Her Les Miserables Haircut Made Her Look Like Her Gay Brother

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Anne Hathaway Les Miserables shaved head "I looked like my gay brother" starvation diet radishes hummus FantineI really can't tell if Anne Hathaway means this as a compliment or not. At a recent New York City screening of her new musical film Les Miserables, she yet again talked about shaving her head to play sickly factory-worker-turned-prostitute Fantine. This whole time, Anne has been taking her drastic transformation pretty resolutely, not unlike Natalie Portman when she endured a buzz cut for V for Vendetta in 2005. But Anne revealed that she took a special comfort in her new look. “When I eventually looked in the mirror,” she said, “I just thought I looked like my gay brother.”

Um, OK? Kind of a random thing to say, yet also not since Anne and her brother Michael are very close. In 2010, she told GQ UK that she even changed religions after Michael came out because of the Catholic Church's stance on homosexuality: “[T]he whole family converted to episcopalianism after my elder brother came out. Why should I support an organisation that has a limited view of my beloved brother? So I'm… nothing. Fuck it, I'm forming. I'm a work in progress,” she said at the time.

At first I wasn't sure if Anne were also likening her much skinnier frame — the result of a scary-strict diet of radishes and squares of dried oatmeal paste — to her brother's figure. But it sounds like the only resemblance she was referencing was in the face. Also, I think we got only half of the joke here. Those silly Hathaway kids! Getting radical haircuts to look even more like each other. Clearly the next thing that must happen is that Michael needs to grow his hair out and see how much he actually looks like Anne. His new hairstyle should be ready just in time for the inevitable The Devil Wears Prada movie sequel.

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