Amusing New Meme Compares Ann Romney To Ann Veal From Arrested Development

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So a lot of you think it's not okay to speculate about the condition of Ann Romney‘s patrician anus, and you are entitled to your opinions. But in this ongoing game of linguistic good touch bad touch, I must now ask: can we at least compare her to Ann Veal from Arrested Development? Because the geniuses at Hypervocal just did, and it's hilarious.

Using the simple format of a photo/text meme, they hyper-imposed quotes from Arrest Development over pictures of Ann Romney to create images like this:

And this!

These are funny because Ann Veal is boring, and Ann Romney is boring also. But more than that, she just has kind of a derp-y, religious fundamentalist, Ann Veal vibe, you know? Except for that whole “being an underdog” part, I mean. They're also funny simply because Arrested Development is funny, and remembering quotes from it makes me laugh all over again.

Although I'm afraid there are a limited number of Ann quotes to go around, I hope this turns into a widespread meme. Here, I'll start things off:

See? Nothin' to it!

(Via Hypervocal)

Bottom photo (pre-text): WENN