The Daily WTF: Closet Brony Andrew WK To Speak At My Little Pony Convention For Adults

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When was the last time you thought about My Little Ponies? For me, I'd say it was probably sometime around my sixth birthday, but as you may know, there's a whole subculture of people called “bronies” who think about them long after it's developmentally appropriate to do so. And they are having a conference. And Andrew WK is speaking at it.

While he seems like he's down for pretty much anything posi, I must say it's a bit strange to read about New York's favorite (only?) human party participating in something so utterly wrong-tastic. He's a party guy, not a doll-toting laggard!

Then again, from the description, his talk sounds like it's going to be pretty awesome:

In The Flesh: What Would Pinkie Pie Do?
Presenters: Andrew W.K.
Party party party, she wants to have a party! Pinkie Pie is certainly a party animal, but what happens when you can't be a candy-colored pony in an Equestrian world? We break the fourth wall to present Andrew W.K., the artist behind hits “She Is Beautiful” and “Party Hard”, to answer the dire question: What Would Pinkie Pie Do? Join us for a look into how to make your job as fun as your party, and your party as important as your job.

Maybe he'll coax the bronies from childhood to adolescence by giving them their first sip of beer.

(Via Stereogum)