We’re Glad To Hear That Amy Poehler’s Sons Are As Adorable As Ever Even With The Divorce

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The last time I thought of Amy Poehler as a mom, it was as Regina George's sweat-suit-wearing, margarita-and-condom-bestowing BFF in Mean Girls. Since then, she's given birth to two adorable boys, Archie and Abel, and we've cooed over every photo op of them with her and dad Will Arnett. Now that Amy and Will are separating, we're most worried about how their sons will handle it!

Of course, since Will and Amy have already proven themselves to be astonishingly mature about their impending divorce, we shouldn't have been concerned. Still, it's nice to have reassurances like this interview Amy did with Ellen DeGeneres, where she talks about how the boys are getting on. Ellen never actually alludes to the separation, but you can tell from the way that she's asking how Amy is, and then later directing the conversation to the kids, that it's subtext.

I'm not sure which part I love better—her describing the boys saying goodbye at preschool (“it's like they're both getting on ships to the New Country”), or laughing about how them being boys makes her a little envious of her friends with daughters. Now, I have no doubt Amy would make a great mom to some little girls, but then my mind pops to Mrs. George saying “I'm a cool mom!” and I think to myself that Amy is so well suited to these adorable little rascals. Especially since she actually tells them what to do in situations that count, like ordering ice cream at a restaurant.

Even if their parents were more shallow Hollywood stars, I'd say at least Archie and Abel have each other. But they're doubly lucky to have folks who are handling their divorce with class, and outside of the tabloids.