Amy Poehler! Funny Lady! Fantastic Brunch Date! Fashion Icon?

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amy poehler 15th annual Del Close MarathonWe do quite a bit of Amy Poehler celebrating on this here website. From talking about how we want to go to brunch with her to making weird zoomed in screencaps documenting her interactions with her ex-husband, we've done it all. Almost.

Sure we've talked about how she's awesome and hilarious and a great freestyle rapper, but there is one thing that we haven't talked about when it comes to Amy and now's the time because we've exhausted all other options the premiere of the newest season of Parks and Recreation is tonight! While Amy is generally not the first person that comes to mind when one think fashionista, she actually dresses amazingly for a variety of occasions from walking red carpets to walking the streets– and I don't mean that in a prostitute-y way. Let's just not call her a fashionista because that word makes anyone who says it sound like a tool.

Award Show Amy

amy poehler emmys 9.22.13(Adriana M. Barraza/

This is from this past Sunday's Emmys and it's a solid award show look. “Solid” is maybe not the most stylish word to use, but what I mean is, she looks pretty and not boring, without looking crazy pants. There's no ten foot train or massive ruffles. She didn't slather on orange tanning lotion or put in freaky hair extensions. She looks like a classy lady 'cause that's what she is.

Red Carpet Amy

amy poehler 41st AFI Life Achievement Award 6.7.13(Brian To/

Of course something like the Emmys has it's own red carpet, but there are many red carpets in the life of an actress and some of them are a little less formal. If I was George Kotsiopoulos from Fashion Police, here is where I would say, “This is how you do red carpet dressing. I've never seen her look this good.” Maybe I just watch too much Fashion Police, but I stand by my fake George quote. This dress is lovely and flattering and Omg I just thought of Amy doing the Kaitlin sketch on SNL and saying “Rick! Rick! Rick!” and HOW IS THIS THE SAME PERSON?? Such is the power of a good dress on a hilarious woman.

Casual Event Amy amy poehler afternoon delight premiere aubrey plaza


Here Amy is attending the premiere of Afternoon Delight with her girlfriend/lover/Parks and Rec Co-Star Aubrey Plaza. I love this one because she's wearing high-top sneakers. I'm a high-top fan as well, but as a short person sometimes I feel they make me look stubby. Well… I just looked it up and Amy and I are the same height! Yay for positive influence! Also, I saw photographic evidence of her wearing these on multiple occasions, so if you're one of those people that finds it surprising when famous people use items of clothing more than once (Why wouldn't they?! I don't get it!), then there's that too.

Casual By Non-Celebrity Standards Amy
amy poehler los angeles 8.2.12

Through writing this post, I have found out that I would pretty much wear any of Amy Poehler's clothes. (Not, like, literally the same clothes because that's creepy and we're anything but creepy here at Crushable.) Case-in-point, this picture. While I never thought that Amy dressed badly, I also didn't expect to like so much of it quite so much. It comes down to the fact that she always looks nice and reasonable— not overly trendy or out there, but also not frumpy or bland. Any one of us could put on this outfit and go eat tacos (or whatever you meal you choose in your own outfit daydreams) and feel awesome about it.

So looking fabulously stylish is just one more thing that Amy Poehler's achieved. The only problem is, what can we write about her next time we have an Amy event to celebrate? Her quarter birthday is coming up after all.

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