Amazing Tumblr Watch The Cradle Combines Kanye West And Jay-Z Lyrics With Babies

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Babies make everything better, don't they? I haven't particularly been looking forward to Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s collaboration album/tour Watch the Throne, but thanks to the new Tumblr Watch the Cradle, I now know plenty of their lyrics.

Watch the Cradle has only a few pages of content so far, but the submissions are hilarious—mostly because the photos really don't need any tinkering to match the lyrics.

You have to wonder where the posters found these photos: On stock collections like Shutterstock, from personal family albums, or even surreptitiously lifted from overbearing friends' Facebook albums? We may never know, but we'll be giggling like a carefree two-year-old over the rest of these.

Like this one, which might be funniest because of the innocent expression on the kid's face:

I only hope that someday my baby will make this face and I can attach a rap lyric to it:

And check out the cameo by Ashley Olsen:

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