Amanda Seyfried Takes Pills…That Were Prescribed To Her

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Amanda SeyfriedDuring a recent interview with Esquire, Amanda Seyfried took prescription pills (birth control and Lexapro, an antidepressant). This seemingly simple act prompted a reaction post on Jezebel that I wouldn't have ever expected — that many women would consider taking pills in public taboo. Shake me from my liberal hippie tree (I don't know, do hippies live in trees?), but I had no idea that people can still be scandalized by a young woman taking prescribed medication in public. Is the issue that Amanda's taking prescription drugs in public, or what kind of prescription drugs she's taking in public?

The fact that a 24-year-old woman is taking birth control as preventative measure to avoid having a kid she's not prepared for (among the myriad of other reasons birth control can be prescribed for) should not be scandalous in any way. Plus, you've gotta take those suckers at the same time every day, regardless of if that time occurs during an interview with a national magazine.

Or are people reacting to the fact that Amanda took an antidepressant? I do realize not everyone is as open as my family about mental illness and the corresponding drugs they're treated with, but I would think that by 2010, people would at least have come to terms with the fact that depression and anxiety are true, clinical problems that occasionally need to be treated with drugs.

(I don't even want to get into the whole over-prescription/misdiagnosis problem in America — which I believe does exist, see Corey Haim or Brittany Murphy for sad, recent examples — I am only referring to the responsible, legitimate usage of prescription drugs to treat real problems.)

When I read Amanda's interview, the part where she took her pills didn't even register as weird to me. It seemed so completely normal that I was taken by surprise when I read the Jezebel post. I have no problem with taking prescription drugs in public — I was recently stricken with a persistent case of strep throat, and had to take antibiotics with my meals three times a day for over a month. What was I going to do, head to the bathroom and swallow my pill? That would've made it seem so illicit.

Were you shocked that Amanda was so open about taking her prescription drugs in public? Is that something you would've done?