The Daily WTF: Amanda Bynes Asks President Obama To Arrest The Cop Who Sentenced Her With A DUI

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Amanda Bynes DUI President Barack Obama police wtf TwitterOK, so Amanda Bynes claims that she wasn't under the influence of anything when she was slapped with a DUI for sideswiping a cop car in April (and followed that up with two other hit-and-runs). But she's obviously smoking something, considering that last night she sent out a Twitter missive to none other than the President of the United States asking for help in her unfair sentencing.

At the time, Amanda refused to take a blood test or breathalyzer, and she maintains that she doesn't drink. Bullshit, but the larger problem is that celebrities really shouldn't be abusing Twitter to demand that the President step in and fix their fuck-ups. Like, she really thinks that Obama can just fire some cop?

Amanda Bynes President Barack Obama Twitter DUI fire cop wtf

It should go without saying, but Obama has not yet tweeted back.

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