Amanda Bynes’ Parents Finally Respond…To A Quote From A Kardashian

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Amanda Bynes Twitter picture April 9 2013

After weeks of me and the rest of the media wondering openly where they are, I'm hearing tell that Amanda Bynes‘ parents have finally sat up and taken notice about something. Oh, thank god, what a relief. At long last, someone has arrived on this coast to get this girl some help. What was it that finally piqued their interest, may I ask? Was it Amanda tweeting that she wanted her vagina murdered? Or saying she had an eating disorder? Or getting kicked out of multiple gym classes? NOPE. It was a comment…by Kim Kardashian. Kim is running Chelsea Lately this week (don't ask), and a few nights ago said about Amanda, “Am I the only one that is obsessed with her new makeover? I think she looks amazing. With the blonde hair and those nails?” I can't tell if she's trying to make fun of her, or if she just doesn't know how comedy works (to be fair, this is what happens when you put Kim in charge of a talk show), but either way, Amanda's parents were apparently none too pleased about the comment:

“They thought the remarks Kim made were in poor taste and are very upset about it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at Amanda and surmise that she is having some sort of crisis. Her makeover is just one example of her troubling behavior. Her parents just wish the media would leave Amanda alone, because it’s only making the situation worse. Amanda is lost and she refuses to get help. Her parents are powerless to do anything because she is 27 years of age and there is very little they can do, under the law.”

Oh so they're not even coming out here? Oh perfect, yeah, that makes sense, why would they want to save their daughter's life? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Britney Spears right around twenty-seven when her father took power of attorney over her? During her breakdown?

“Amanda’s parents hope that people, including Kim, would show empathy towards their daughter at this time. Even if Kim was joking about Amanda’s appearance, it really isn’t funny. Amanda is in trouble and she doesn’t need to be a punch line in a joke.”

I mean, at least we agree on that much. She doesn't need to be the punch line of a joke. She does need you to get your asses out her pronto and help her get hers back in line.

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