Allison Williams Isn’t Carrie Bradshaw, But She Does a Mean Kate Middleton Impression

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When Allison Williams stopped by Lucky’s office recently, we were immediately taken with her style. She had that kind of refined, good girl look—casually chic in her Marc by Marc Jacobs shirtdress and Tory Burch wedges—that seems to come naturally to graduates of elite East Coast collegiate institutions. (She went to Yale.) But don’t roll your eyes at her privileged pedigree, Williams is down-to-earth and just plain funny: Witness her impression of Kate Middleton in her self-written mini-series.

Next year, look for Williams to make her big debut in Girls, the much buzzed-about HBO series from writer-director Judd Apatow (Superbad, Knocked Up) and Lena Dunham (of Tiny Furniture indie fame) about three young women trying to make their way in New York while dating all the wrong guys. But faster than you can say “Carrie Bradshaw” Williams explains, “It’s not anything like Sex and The City, though people will probably make the comparison because we’re girls and it’s on HBO. We live in Brooklyn. We struggle to make the rent and probably shop at, like, Urban Outfitters.”

Read on for Williams’ shopping faves, and to find out how she hipped up her dad’s [NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams‘] look.

How would you describe your style?
Well, I’m sitting here feeling weird that I own this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, but it’s so easy to wear that I knew it would be worth the investment. I’ll splurge on the occasional Theory jacket to round out a work look, but generally I wear Paige jeans with those Hanes white v-neck t-shirts, and Converse. I would say that I’m pretty preppy. I wear a lot of Ralph Lauren; I wear a lot of Vince and James Perse. I like being cozy. I wear a lot of scarves and they can make a big difference in terms of making an outfit interesting.

Where do you get your scarves?
My dad has a really good eye for scarves. I get them all from him. If I go to the CO-OP at Barneys, which I almost never go to just because it’s cruel and unusual punishment to the wallet, and mention my last name they find a specific sales women that I guess my dad always works with. He goes there often to buy stuff for my mom and me. I’ve never bought my own purse; he just has an eye for them. He knows what looks good—he’s a great shopper.

What kind of purses has he bought for you?
He’s bought me a couple of Kooba bags in a row. For my mom, he buys higher-end ones—like those little ones that are encrusted with all the crystals, Judith Leiber.

Do you ever give your dad style advice?
I do. I’ve become in charge of his footwear. Dads have notoriously bad footwear. I’ve eased him away from a structured loafer to a more unstructured, casual loafer that you can wear with cargo shorts or whatever—if he insists on wearing cargo shorts. And I would also credit myself for introducing him to the idea of wearing something on his wrist. When I was little I used to make him do string bracelets all the time and watch him put them on his wrist. The fear of god was probably going through his head about them popping out on air. Now he has a bunch of these leather bracelets. A friend of ours makes them; they’re from Poor Cat Designs.

Where do you shop?
I live catty-cornered to Urban Outfitters so I’m in there constantly, and I live above H+M so I go there all the time too. I don’t have very eccentric fashion taste. My mom is very elegant and my little brother is very preppy and adorable. We’re like a little WASPy family.