This Video Of Alison Brie Recreating Popular Internet Memes Is Simply Delightful

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Alison Brie overly attached girlfriend meme speakeasy 2013

It's safe to say Alison Brie is having a pretty big moment in pop culture right now. She's already one of the best parts of Community, and she looks flawless in drag. Then this week on Mad Men, her character Trudy Campbell impressed and sufficiently scared a lot of viewers when she declared to husband Pete, “I will destroy you.” Her newfound power earned her the top spot on our sympathy rankings. Now Alison is showing her sillier side (which is nothing new from her) in a new video for Paul F. Tompkins' interview series Speakeasy. On a day like today when a lot of us could use some cheering up, this is just the video to do the trick.

Paul challenges Alison to recreate some of the Internet's favorite memes, from Grumpy Cat to Beyonce at the Super Bowl. And it is simply delightful. Alison takes the assignment very seriously, and her imitations are uncanny. I have a special place in my heart for Grumpy Cat, and Alison does a great job capturing her scowl, but her Overly Attached Girlfriend has to be my favorite. The starey eyes, the crazed grin, the head tilt. It's brilliant. And I love how long she holds it without blinking. That's dedication. And for Ermahgerd, she stops in the middle to hold up her hair. This lady is devoted to honing her craft.

I'll let the grand finale surprise you, but let's just say Alison refused to use a stunt double, and that was brave, because things didn't end well.

Also, bonus! Paul also challenged Alison to create some unsexy GIFs to counterbalance all the sexy GIFs people on the Internet like to make of her. She makes a good effort, although I have to say, she is rocking that tiny sombrero.

I feel a responsibility to ask, on behalf of the world, why Alison Brie has not yet been invited to host Saturday Night Live. Get on it, Lorne Michaels. She's funny and likable and she can play both men and women convincingly. (In case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty obsessed with Alison in drag. I'm working through it.)

(via Vulture)