Alec Baldwin Inexplicably Deactives His Twitter Account And Asks Fans To Refollow Him Later

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Alec Baldwin deactivates his Twitter account as part of his "Mass Unfollowing" planAfter his rant about American Airlines and Words with Friends netted him 600,000 followers, Alec Baldwin has decided to try a new Twitter stunt. Yesterday — once he had safely landed after his second flight, we assume — he called for all his new fans to join him in a “Mass Unfollowing”:

Let's play a game called Mass Unfollowing. I want to crash this acct and start again. But, tonight at 10 PM, NY time, unfollow me.

For some reason, Baldwin wants to create a brand new account of the ashes of his old one. Is it a fuck-you to Twitter or American Airlines? Hard to tell, since the only person it seems to hurt is him. Why would you drop over half a million followers? Although it's not as if he's really dropping them; in fact, maybe he wants to see who are the actual devoted ones who'll seek him out once he's back on Twitter.

So far everything is going according to plan; @alecbaldwin is currently deactivated, and without it we have no way of knowing what day or time he plans to start things up again. Guess we'll have to watch the account like a hawk, which is probably what he wanted.

Yesterday, Words with Friends declared their support for Baldwin with this screenshot:

Baldwin's Mass Unfollowing was obviously a lot more effective than past Twitter stunts, like the “Kim Kardashian is dead” campaign in 2010 where she and other celebrities stopped tweeting and blogging until $1 million was raised to help children suffering from HIV/AIDS in Africa. It seems that her fans enjoyed having Kim “digitally dead” for a while; it took the campaign nearly the whole month of December to raise the necessary $1 million.

I just checked Baldwin's Twitter account again (at 12:52 p.m.) and it's been suspended. Not sure what the difference is between deactivated and suspended, but we'll see if Baldwin's able to come back from it.

His representative Matthew Hiltzik, when asked for any insight, simply answeredjust focused on #3oRock for now.