18 Adult Coloring Books That You (and your BFFs) Will Love

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When we were kids, coloring books were one of the coolest things along with Kool-Aid, Saturday morning cartoons and light-up sneakers. While we might have traded our coloring books for more “grown up” activities once the pre teen years rolled around, the recent surge in adult coloring books proves that coloring definitely isn't just for kiddos.

Part of the reason adult coloring books have become so popular can be attributed to the wellness trend. Coloring in those pretty pictures can help us de-stress because our minds are focused on one simple activity. Plus, adult coloring books allow anyone to embrace their inner artist. You don't have to be an art school grad to be able to create a pretty picture. And let's be honest, a coloring book is way more enjoyable than any Suduko puzzle or crossword.

If you've never tried an adult coloring book, you'll probably be surprised by the sheer number of options. Take a look at 18 of the best adult coloring books that will have you reaching for the markers.