This Photo Is Probably The Most Adele Will Ever Share Of Her Baby, So Savor It

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Adele laugh pointing

Adele leads a very private life with her family, and that's one of the many reasons we love her. It's also one of the reasons so many of us are going through severe withdrawal waiting for her to release some new music. Where are you, Adele? Come back to us!

Because Adele is so fond of privacy, we haven't seen a whole lot of her baby son. We're pretty sure his name is Angelo, but she's only bothered to tell us through clever hints. She's also not one to post a bunch of photos of him on social media. The paparazzi have snapped photos of him, but we don't get to look at him as often as we do babies like Maxwell Johnson, who's made so many delightful appearances on Jessica Simpson's Instagram that we've dubbed her Cutest Baby Ever. But over the weekend Adele actually gave us a glimpse of baby Angelo on Twitter.

For World Water Day, Adele shared a collage representing the importance of water, and one of the shots features a pair of adorable sock-wearing baby feet and a tiny wittle baby hand reaching for a sippy cup. Unless Adele snapped a photo of someone else's baby to share, we can assume that's her son. And how lovely is it that she gave us this rare look at him for a good cause?

Let's just deal with the fact that it's probably the most we'll ever see of him without the photo having been snapped by a paparazzi camera. I think that's totally enough. Okay, so it's not really enough. I love seeing celebrity babies, provided the parents are cool with me looking at them. But Adele clearly wants some privacy, so I'll respect that and just savor this moment. And then I'll spend the rest of the day imagining little Angelo talking with the same endearing accent as his mummy. And then I'll just die of cuteness, because I'm already hanging on for dear life after that Mila and Ashton kiss cam video from earlier. Save me.

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