Watch National Treasures Adam Scott And Amy Poehler In ‘The Greatest Event In TV History’

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Greatest Event in Television History Adam Scott Amy Poehler 2013

You might remember last year when Adam Scott and Jon Hamm teamed up for ‘The Greatest Event in Television History,' which turned out to be them recreating, shot-for-shot, the opening credits to 1980s cop series Simon & Simon. You might also remember that Adam Scott and Amy Poehler are national treasures who star as a couple on arguably the greatest show on television, Parks and Recreation. This time Adam and Amy were the ones teaming up, and the result of their hard work aired on Adult Swim last night.

This time they're recreating the opening credits to another 1980s show, Hart to Hart, starring Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers as a married couple who moonlight as detectives. The difference with this event is that the details were known ahead of time. But that doesn't mean the results aren't still delightful. There's no question Amy Poehler is simply the best, and if you pair her up with Adam Scott, you can do no wrong. Also, can we talk about how good Adam looks in this? Okay, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

Lest you feared we would watch a brief opening credits recreation and be on our merry ways, don't you worry. The event is prefaced by a mockumentary of sorts, hosted by Jeff Probst, naturally, detailing the filming process. And watching onscreen couple Adam and Amy bicker like divas is exactly what I wished upon a star to see the other night, so this really is a personal miracle for me. I'd like to share this miracle with all of you.

If you're not interested in the pre-show, you can skip ahead to the main event at about 13:20. Is it silly? Yes. But it's Amy and Adam, so it's awesome. Plus, all you have to do to be beyond impressed with the quality and faithfulness to the original is wait until the end credits, during which you can watch the original opening. I swear, they are exactly the same. It's incredible. If there were awards for recreating cheesy 1980s title sequences, this would win all of them.

Bask in the Adam/Amy brilliance below.