Let’s Celebrate Adam Lambert’s 31st Birthday With Some of His Craziest Fashion Favorites

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Adam Lambert With Silver Hair

The reason I love Adam Lambert (the most) is because a lot of his outfits can be found in my closet, as well. Yes, sometimes I do think I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body, and Adam Lambert reminds me that I should be living in NYC and strutting my glam stuff.

But, that aside, I'm not totally crazy – and sometimes Adam is. The real winner runner-up of American Idol has made a glam rock name for himself, creating a fan base of Glamberts, and wearing nail polish and makeup better than anyone since David Bowie.

Adam Lambert lands himself on the best and worst dressed glam rock list (a short one, but in existence) every time he steps out the club door. For his 31st birthday celebration, we've compiled some of our favorites. Basically, you're awesome Adam. I love you. Call me. Let's party.

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