The Daily WTF: This 5-Year-Old Can Identify Logos From Apple And Starbucks

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Today's “WTF” is more of a good-natured “look at that smart kid!” than “oh dear God what is this?!” Graphic designer Adam Ladd decided to try out a fun experiment with his 5-year-old daughter: Show her famous logos and see how many she can recognize. The results, documented in his YouTube video about “brandmarks,” are pretty astonishing.

Ladd seemed to be content for his daughter to be able to guess the image itself independent of any meaning, so at first it's just her describing what she sees.

Then you get to Apple, and without any time to think she says, “That is the Apple Store logo, and it has a bite out of it.” So not only does she recognize the brand, but she knows the place where it's sold and she understands the reasoning behind the icon. It's an interesting juxtaposition to Monster‘s logo, where the girl doesn't grasp that the three slash marks are a monster tearing through fabric as well as the M of the energy drink.

Other instantly recognizable ones are Chili's, Nike, and Xbox. There's a tie for sweetest moment in this video. On the one hand, her branding of the Greyhound, Jaguar, and Puma logos as “cheetah… cheetah… cheetah” is adorable. But what most illustrates Ladd's point is that she gets GE with no hesitation, because her grandpa works there. Aww.