The Craziest Acoustic Mash-Up You’ll Ever Hear

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Ready to have your mind blown by the amazingness that is this mash-up? Good, because you'll be playing this on repeat all day.

Not only does it combine Bruno Mars, The Little Mermaid, The Fresh Prince theme song and Kanye, but it combines it well enough to make it sound like one perfect song.

I mean, those four things capture my entire life from kindergarten until now. Elementary school was all about The Little Mermaid and her incredibly stupid sacrifice, middle school was all about The Fresh Prince and being able to shout out the theme song the loudest at Bat Mitzvah parties, college was all about having a love/hate relationship with Kanye and life after college was all about trying to turn my life into a Bruno Mars song.

If only Raffi got involved somehow I could say it captures my life from birth to this very day. Maybe next time we can get a little Bananaphone mashed in too.