Aaron Johnson’s Older Fiance Says He’s ‘Incredibly Romantic’

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Sam Taylor-WoodSam Taylor-Wood, the fiance and baby mama of Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson who is 24 years younger than her, may be seven months pregnant now, but when she sat down with Harper's Bazaar last year, she had “the barest hint of a baby bump, so small that it would have gone unnoticed had she not lifted her shirt to flash it.”

And of course she's flashing it. Her scandalous relationship with Aaron, which has garnered extensive press coverage in the British tabs and is just starting to gain traction on this side of the Atlantic, seems to make her very happy. “My friend said I'm an inspiration to women in their 40s. Let's all make babies!” Sam told the women's magazine, jokingly, adding: “It's a fairy tale.”

Finding a young suitor and being pregnant for the third time at age 43 does sound like a fairy tale, especially for the divorced single mom who beat cancer — in her colon and breasts — twice before the age of 35.

The two met as the filmed the John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy, she the director, he a young star. She said the project “was a way of dealing with [the divorce],” from art mogul Jay Jopling. Opening up about their relationship a little, Sam says she was immediately struck by Aaron's “intensity” and fought for him to star in Nowhere Boy. But it wasn't until the film wrapped last May that the two got close. Without divulging too much, Sam reveals that Aaron is “incredibly romantic”:

“Once you start talking about it, you'll never stop,” she says. “I have to keep it a secret,” she continues, though she will allow that Johnson's proposal was “a complete surprise. He had been planning a lot longer than I had imagined. So it was incredibly romantic.”

Sam, and Aaron, are unapologetic about their age difference. She points out that men date younger women all the time with no issue — in fact her ex has been linked to singer Lily Allen, who is 22 years younger than him, and is now dating a 20-something. “It's totally sexist,” she told Harper's Bazaar. “I try to ignore it. In my life, I've never really listened to when people start forming opinions on how you should be doing things.”

She goes on:

“[In] our situation, no one is hurting anyone, no one is unhappy. It's just the outside world that feels they have to remark…And you can't listen to it. Or else what are you going to do? Say, ‘Oh yeah, you're so right! I should have just gone out with a random fat bloke.'”

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