A Trip Through Teen Idol Hair, From The Beatles to The Biebs

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Justin Bieber. The Bieb. El Bieberino. The 16-year-old pop wunderkind is en fuego. His debut album “My World” is No. 1 on the charts, he’s friends with fellow pop princes Usher and Justin Timberlake, he’s met President Barack Obama, and millions of tweenies around the world want to hold his hand. All this, and I don’t think his voice has changed yet.

However, besides his adorable grin, adequate dance moves, and catchy pop factory tunes, what’s his biggest accomplishment—the key to his success? His hair.

Without that forward-combed, shaggylicious, moppy do-wop, he’d just be another cute, blonde kid. We might never know what his forehead looks like, but it’s part of the Bieber mystique. The way he swooshes his hair 40,249,802 times during any given interview makes girls sigh and parents groan. But this is all part of pop history. Might we remind you of other teen dream with controversial hair?

The Beatles:

Never mind the band’s musical genius, people were way more obsessed with the foursome’s hair. When a journalist asked them: “Do you ever think of getting a haircut?” Paul McCartney famously answered: “No, love, do you?”

Leif Garrett:

If you squint, cross your eyes, and drink a Zima, the '70s heart throb  looks like an ugly version of Farrah Fawcett. Girls went crazy for his curly, flowing, golden locks. Today, ironically, he’s bald…and a criminal.

Bon Jovi:

Bon Jovi was the pretty boy of hard rock. So what if he had a perm and got highlights? Ah, the ‘80s, when more was better and men looked like women.

Justin Timberlake:

Specifically referring to his ‘N Sync years when his hair more resembled a brillo pad, JT’s insanely gelled, curly coif didn’t turn girls off. But it wasn’t until he chopped his mop that he turned from cute to hot.

Bieber, are you taking notes? More importantly, are we missing any awesome teen idol hairdos of now and yore? Leave your faves in the comments, and we'll flesh out this roundup.