A Collection of Ungrateful Christmas Tweets Might Make You Lose Faith in Humanity

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Christmas is a time to get together with family and show them you care. Unless they got you the wrong color iphone.Then it's time to knock them out with a ceramic reindeer.

Jon Hendren of (twitter handle @fart) wadded through some of the more ungrateful Christmas tweets and re-tweeted the most depressing. The resounding sentiment-if I didn't get the right Apple product, I hate everyone involved, including Santa. These people hate Santa.

Some of these 140 character rants include, “didn't get my car so im not feeling Christmas -.-,” and “After opening the presents I should have saved the $ I spent to get down here and bought myself an iPad since I didn't get one. Wtf family!”

I think most people can relate to dreaming of a particular present under the tree and feeling a little miffed when it's not there. But chances are you caught at least one UNICEF commercial during the holiday season, and after the moment of disappointment you realize how lucky you are for your warm house and your family.

So I'm going to assume the offenders @fart collected are just really fast typists, and almost as soon as the tweets went up they realized they didn't really need a car, and went out to volunteer at a soup kitchen.