23 Things Every Real ’90s Kid Was Completely Obsessed With

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We love the ’90s. All those neon colors, the outfits that make for the best/cutest costume ideas these days, and remember the music?

The days of spending hours playing Pretty Pretty Princess, SEGA, and Nintendo are now long gone and over. The decade made up so much of our childhood and now that we are full-fledged adults (kind of), sometimes a trip down memory lane is just the thing we need to relive the stresses of modern life. Here are 23 things from the '90s that we've all been totally obsessed over at one point or another.

1. Lisa Frank


Lisa Frank was the greatest back in the ‘90s. That betch made pencils, pens, folders, backpacks, sheets, bedding… you name it, we wanted it all. We had to have every item and they each had to match. The bright colors and cute animals perfectly captured our preteen adolecence and no other brand could do it quite like Lisa coult. Good news, people, Lisa Frank is making a comeback.