16 Current Fashion Trends that Scream ’90s Nostalgia

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Nobody can ever forget the fashion trends of the '90s. All the extreme denim (we're looking at you Britney and Justin), the butterfly hair-clips, Destiny's Child in completely camo ensembles… you get the point.

The trends were so blatantly rubbed in our pre-teen faces when our moms wouldn't let us buy denim mini skirts and belly shirts even as we begged. Luckily for us, we're seeing a lot of familiar patterns in current day trends… Blue and pink tinted sunglasses anyone? C'mon… we all know the eerie feeling of nostalgia is because we have a vivid memory of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wearing tinted sunnies on a VHS tape in Blockbuster. These are 16 current trends that scream 90s nostalgia and not gonna lie, I'm seriously regretting ridding my closet of these essentials in the early 2000s.