5 Things About 16 and Pregnant’s Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant

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MTV's 16 and Pregnant is a bit of a grab bag show. Since the producers take an hour to tell the story of one girl's pregnancy, it is slow going if the girl isn't interesting. But considering the network has been getting a lot flack for the bad behavior of its teenage moms lately, it makes sense that they aired an episode about a relatively sane, mundane girl on last night's first new episode in awhile. Last night we met Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant. The episode was a slow burn of depression, as Brooke seems like a well intentioned, if under-motivated girl in a happy relationship when she gets pregnant. Here’s what we know so far about our girl. 1.      Sadly, her story matches that of her mother.. Brooke's mom and dad were high school sweethearts when her mom got pregnant in high school. She was hoping that Brooke would not follow in her footsteps, but no such luck. And last night, she was still confused about how Brooke got pregnant. 2.      Unlike most teen moms, Brooke is married. Her boyfriend Cody proposed when he found out she was pregnant. But they still live in Brooke’s parents’ house. 3. She had her honeymoon at a race track. Cody and Brooke might be married, but they don't have any money. They couldn't afford to move out of her parents' house, let alone go on a real honeymoon. Both the teens are vaguely obsessed with race cars.  But since Brooke has to take a break from driving while pregnant, Cody goes behind the wheel for their honeymoon, hoping to win the prize money as a wedding gift. Instead, he blows a tire and the couple finds themselves out $85 more. 4.      Brooke found her baby name by combining her name with her husband’s Brooke + Cody = Brody 5. She wanted to live in a barn. And still does. On 16 and Pregnant last night, Brooke and Cody went shopping for houses. At her mom's suggestion, they looked at prefabricated barns that could be placed on her parents' property. That sounds a little weird, but the house they looked at was kind of nice. And, it only cost $35,000. Now I kind of want one too.