Should Towns Enforce an Underage Curfew?

Should Towns Enforce an Underage Curfew?

Do you have a curfew? It's okay, many high schoolers do. It's normal for parents to want their kids to be home at a certain time every night to avoid them getting into all kinds of trouble after hours.

But sometimes parents giving their kids a curfew isn't enough. Let's be real; teens break their curfews all the time and sometimes get into trouble staying out after hours.

Take the kids from MTV's Skins (premiering Monday, January 17), for example. They experiment with drugs, alcohol, and sex, staying up until all hours of the night and putting themselves in dangerous situations. That's not to say that staying out late is always to blame for bad behavior in high school, but it most definitely has a correlation.

What do you think? Should curfew be enforced by the law? Would towns enforcing curfews on their students crack down on misbehavior? Or are parents giving their kids curfew times enough? Sound off below!

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