Last Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy Novel

Richelle Mead

Every desire. Every heartache. Every Sacrifice . . . has led to this.

Rose Hathaway's mission was to protect her best friend Lissa, a mortal vampire, from a dangerous group of vampires called the Strigoi, who would turn her into one of them if they could.

Along the way, Rose has fallen in love with her mentor Dimitri, but honoring her commitment to Lissa while trying to be with the man she loves has repeatedly put her life and Lissa's in danger.

In the final book, Rose finds herself on trial for her life while Lissa is first in line to accept a royal throne. But amongst murder, love, jealousy - and an ultimate sacrifice - nothing will ever be the same between these two friends ever again.

The epic finale in the #1 international bestselling Vampire Academy series has finally arrived.

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