Monster High

Lisi Harrison

Melody Carver and her family left 90210 for the fresh air of Salem, Oregon. After shedding her old camelhump nose and constant asthma attacks, Melody finally gets to be "the pretty one" at school. Too bad she feels like a fraud . . . until she meets Jackson. But is he hiding something too? Could it be related to the totally bizarre rumors about . . . monster sightings?
Frankie Stein has lived in Salem all her life - a whopping fifteen days. She sets out to conquer high school, boys, and shopping, in that order. Unfortch, people freak over Frankie's mint-green skin instead of applauding her voltage fashion sense. If she wants to fit in at school, she's going to have to hide a monster of a secret.
Join Melody and Frankie as they try to put the chic in freak.

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