Mon May 4, 2009
Back in the USA
Out in Munich with Jule, TJ and Joel
Jule and me in front of the Dom in Cologne
Top of St Peters Cathedral in Munich

The end of my study abroad program marked the end of my junior year so I am now officially a senior in college -- wow! I can't believe it! It feels so surreal. I've got to admit that everyone who told me that time would fly was right. It really has.

It kind of feels like a dream right now, like I'm floating through my house on a cloud. It's definitely nice to see my cat and dog (and family of course). AND MY OWN BED IS GREAT -- but I can tell that it's going to take some time for me to readjust to being home. And right now none of my friends are home from college yet so I know I am going to be bored.

As you know, I visited Germany and it was great! I stayed with my friend Jule in Cologne and then she came with me to Munich where I met up with my friend TJ from IU. We all went sightseeing and out on Saturday night, my last night out in Europe for who knows how long!

The flight back home was loooong! Nine hours to be exact. I was sitting next to a girl who went to IU and now lives in Munich, Germany! I thought that was crazy! I slept most of the flight and cried through the movie they played (Marley and Me -- sooo sad). Now I am sitting here at my desk in my room reflecting on the amazing time I've had these past four months.

I hope you've enjoyed following my journey, 'cause I had a blast blogging about it.

Yours always,

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