Fri Apr 17, 2009
Frantic Finals and Farewells

OMG! If I have to take one more disastrous final I think I will lose my mind. Clearly the traveling and exploring distracted me from my studies more than I realized, as I am now cramming for exams. I don't like coming out of exams feeling uneasy about how my grades will end up and that's how I've felt all week! On top of finals and packing, my family is in town visiting. It's great to see them but also a bit stressful.

My sister said the cutest things about visiting London. She said, "I think it's really cool that they still have a queen and I feel like the guards in the big feather hats are just here for looks...The architecture is amazing!" I agree with her!

There are two things that I hadn't done before here -- The London Eye (giant Farris wheel that provides the bests views of London ever) and The Tower of London, which is a huge fortress on the river. I was able to do both with my family and it was a lot of fun.

I really can't believe I am leaving. It feels really weird. Honestly, I can't describe it. I really don't know if I am sad or what. Right now, as I'm packing I feel just kind of numb to the idea. I guess maybe I am in denial. I don't think I can handle tearful goodbyes. I've had such an amazing time in London. The memories I've made here will be with me forever. If you have the chance to study abroad sometime in your life, do it!


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