Fri Apr 3, 2009
Movin' Down

Hey everyone!

Well, I have good news and bad news. I guess I should start with the bad news since I believe in always ending with a positive, so here we go. Bad news: the drama within my group of friends has reached its peak. Everyone has been crying and fighting and tension is in the air.

There was a lot of tension between me, my roomie and my residence hall assistant, sooo I moved out and got my own room on the first floor. While that started off as bad news (I was a bit upset about being kicked off of my floor) but now it's good news because I have my own space! I totally decked out my new room (in my style) and after the move I feel so much better. Now Melissa (roomie) and I can just be friends without any roommate tension.

More good news!! Oxford University (one of the major London universities) won the 155th rowing boat race on Sunday! This race is a grand tradition in London and I went to see it! It was really cool! Soo many people gathered along the Thames (famous river that runs through London) on Sunday that I had to climb on top of a parked truck in order to see the start of the race. Oxford is my favorite of the two universities competing -- it was Cambridge University vs. Oxford -- so I cheered like mad when they crossed the finish line at the end of the four mile race first!

After the race I went home to work on essays and to start studying for final exams. They are coming up very very quick!

Miss all you Americans a lot,

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