Fri Mar 27, 2009
Love is in the Air!

Hello everyone!

As promised... An update on how the lunch date with Sam went. Ready for this? He's WAY younger than me -- well not wayyy younger but the age of my younger sister (which is weird for me). I had no idea that he was only 18 (while I am 20) until we were mid-lunch. He seemed so much older/mature when we first met. Anyway once I found out his age our date became awkward and I know, "age is just a number," but it's just too odd for me to consider dating someone my sister's age, so that's over!

Over the weekend, I went to Dublin with a big group of my friends from the program. We stayed in Dublin city, which was pretty ugly, to be honest. Friday night we went to a classic Irish pub to listen to some traditional live Irish music. It was really fun since I love live music and haven't found a good live music venue in London. At the pub, I met an Irish boy named James. While we flirted and danced together all evening, we didn't trade information because we live on different continents, so that relationship would never work.

On Saturday, we got out of the city for an adventure tour of the coast of Ireland and the mountain area. It was my favorite part of the trip. The coast was beautiful and the mountains were fun to see and climb through.

While Dublin was fun, it wasn't my favorite trip. I think I am getting a bit burnt out from the non-stop travel and go-go-go lifestyle I've been trying to maintain. I need to chillllll more and feeling exhausted allll weekend in Dublin made me realize this. I've got under a month left here in London and I plan to spend the rest of my time planted in this city. Other than a few day trips I've got planned (nearby locations) I am not going anywhere.

Yours truly,

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