Fri Mar 20, 2009
Historic Weekend
That's me in front of Big Ben!
At the St. Patty's Day celebration

Hey everyone!

Love life is heating up again! I've got a lunch date today with Sam, an American boy from Connecticut who lives and studies here in London. He actually lives really close to me (in South Kensington -- 10 min walk from my residence hall). The fact that he lives close by is definitely a nice convenience. It will be interesting to see where this goes because I only have one month left in London!

This weekend was a whirlwind. My study abroad program organized a trip for about 40 of us. We went to Belgium and Ieper (in France) to learn about how WWI affected that area. We left sooo early on Friday, (6:45 a.m.!!) and took a coach (Brit for bus) to The Port of Dover where we caught a ferry to France. The ferry was huge and reminded me of a mini cruise ship because it had two restaurants, two shops and several cafes aboard. When we arrived in France we took the coach to Belgium where we toured war museums and war memorials. The theme of the trip was WWI's effect on Ieper and Belgium. The tours were interesting but my favorite part of Belgium was the chocolate and the waffles. Yum!

We got back to London Saturday night, which was nice because it allowed me to go to a nightclub I've been meaning to check out and go to the St. Patty's day concert celebration in Trafalgar Square (Sunday).

I gotta go get ready for lunch with Sam! Wish me luck!

Until then, your friend in London,

You Say!