Fri Mar 13, 2009
To Be or Not To Be
Hey Everyone,

I love Shakespeare! I'm such an English Literature nerd, but I love it. Friday was one of the best days of my life because I visited Stratford Upon Avon -- the birthplace and burial place of Shakespeare.

My study abroad program organized the trip so I got to go several organized tours. The first one was at the farm of Shakespeare's sister. There was a cool bird show at this farm. I got to have a trained hunting owl land on my arm during the show!

After the farm tour, we went to the house where Shakespeare was born. It's amazing how many tourists were there. I wonder if Shakespeare ever thought during his lifetime that people would tour his birth home? At the end of the day of touring I saw "The Tempest." While most of the other students fell asleep (because Shakespearian language is hard to pay attention to if your not used to it) I loved every moment of the performance. I have to go see more Shakespearian performances now -- I'm hooked... They are so much better and easier to understand than reading the plays (word of advice to anyone who has to read Shakespeare... rent a DVD of the performance instead).

Ahhhh... Things are starting to get a bit overwhelming. The London style of studying is a lot different than in the states. I really haven't had many assignments due since I've started classes. I've had plenty of reading and I've kept up on that but in terms of things I've physically had to turn in, there really hasn't been much. Now, as the semester is getting closer to the end, which I am beginning to get sad about, due dates are creeping up on me! Ahh I have soo much homework to do now, I better get started.

Diligently working,

Ciao Bellas! :)
Xx Lindsey

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